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  • Email Security Features Offered by Dennis Walker One

    In todays security environment, there is never any guarantee that you cannot get hacked. Unless of course to turn the power off to all your computers and lock them in a vault on another planet. OK, I’m getting carried away but the point is that even if you did all that, there will always be…

  • KeePass Password Manager

    KeePass is the password manager I use. Here are some tips and help getting it setup and useful. First, I like to install it with Ninite. Goto https://ninite.com/. Under other, check KeePass. Save the installer if you like. I keep it do do upgrades. Now that KeePass is installed. Keywords: keepass, keypass.

  • Computer Basic Training


  • Third Party Patching On Your PC.

    I currently use and resell Ninite Pro. Here is a list of possible alternatives. Ninite Free Ninite Pro SUMo Pro Patch My PC

  • Set the Email Password on your iPhone

    Goto SettingsMail,Accounts,Select the email account,Account,Then set the passwordDone On some older iPhones, the account settings are not under Mail but under Passwords and accounts.

  • Dennis Walker One Services

    Here is a list of services offered by DWO. Web site hosting. Domain registration. Email Hosting. Dynamic DNS. Information System Consulting and Service. PC Security PC Remote Assistance.

  • Do I Need to Buy Antivirus Software?

    Good question but a not so simple answer. Most of us do need to pay for antivirus. Some of us do not. If you do not have any confidential information on your computer and have backups of any important data, you may not need to pay for antivirus software.

  • Personal Computer Security and Protection.

    You hear a lot about this these days and unfortunately, it is not as simple as it should be. Here is a list of steps that can help secure and protect your computer and private data. PC Protection Layers O/S Patches Application Patches Ninite Updater SUMo Pro Antivirus Windows Defender Webroot Acronis etc. Malwarebytes Premium…

  • General Information About Dennis Walker

    It would be nice if I could pin this to the top of the blog except I don’t really want it there. Here are some specific websites hosted by Dennis Walker One. My Business www.denniswalkerone.com www.dw1.us www.denniswalker1.com Personal www.denniswalker.org – Photonic Gallery plugin from Sayontan. It may help with other documents. Community Service www.texarkanausa.com www.texarkana.net…

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